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Jackson Martin
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

I honor and respect the industrial proletariat. The working class, the blue-collar, the manual laborers, the skilled laborers, the tradespeople and the craftspeople who are always hard at work, building and maintaining the infrastructure of this country. I rescue familiar icons like the wooden pallet and cinder block, but then reconfigure their components into new materials and combinations. Often, I circle back and compose photographs of the new hand-made objects, involving them in manipulated situations that aid in subverting their original context. I also explore the line between what is considered masculine and feminine, searching for new ways to collapse traditional American male and traditional American female roles. Ultimately my work remains both autobiographical and visionary. I propose that individuals can be all-purpose, simultaneously embracing their history, culture, race and gender, while respecting and participating in that of the people around them.

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