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Jackson Martin
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

Over the years my artwork has evolved into an interdisciplinary approach to sculpture, installation and photography. I combine and intertwine these three concentrations in order to create dynamic experiences for my viewer. I regularly take walks with my camera, invariably gravitating towards environments where nature is reclaiming industry. My installation projects portray this complex relationship, affirming the absolute power and everlasting resilience of the natural world. During my walks, I am also attracted to ordinary and discarded objects. My sculptures arise from a need to rescue these abandoned items and reconstruct their components into new, engaging combinations. Often I circle back and compose photographs of the new hand-made objects, involving them in manipulated situations that aid in subverting their original context. Ultimately my work transforms mundane objects into artworks with metaphorical meaning where the viewer reflects on his/her own relationship with the world.

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