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Jack Alterman
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

As a child, I remember riding in the back seat of the car and my Mother telling me to “roll up the windows and lock the doors” when we drove through the East Side of town.Today this area is rapidly gentrifying.

I wanted to do something to show this transition. Early in 2015 I had photographed East Side residents using a portable white photo booth set up on sidewalks or in empty lots. After several months I had completed over 40 portraits of people ranging in age from 5 - 85 .

After the tragic events that occurred last year I realized that I needed to exhibit these portraits in proximity to where they were taken and did so on a Columbus street fence.

“Eastsiders Matter” drew hundreds of people who rolled down their windows and unlocked their doors to really appreciate the neighborhood and rethink their perceptions.

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