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J Henry Fair
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

Our consumption-based economy is wreaking havoc on the systems that sustain our life on Earth. I seek out the manifestations of this and create pictures. My goal is to produce beautiful images that stimulate an aesthetic response, and thus curiosity in the viewer about the causes, and hopefully her personal involvement.
Follow the Coast is an aerial photographic documentation of the coasts of the United States. The inaugural exhibition will happen at the Columbia Museum of Art in Columbia, SC, and will focus on the southern coast. The idea is to create a "portrait" of our littoral areas. Though it is impractical to photograph every meter and every structure, it is possible to document all major infrastructures and capture the essence of each section. This project entails tremendous research and subjective judgment at the moment of passage: which stream is more important, which island more fragile? What elements are characteristic of a place, and which are vital to its understanding?

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