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J Glenn taylor

Artist Statement Submitted 2020

When I paint it’s between me and what’s emerging. Patterns, Hidden things, insights, directions all come forward. I am here for that. This is my meditation and ambience. Raw as it might be, I suppose I really like the idea of the way we view Rothko’s work. The viewer is to be more meditative. Present, requiring more of a gazing of the imagery & then an emotional response settles in. I like work that describes itself to me as it’s being done and after when I look deeper into it. like reading tea leaves. Imbuing work with the properties of a soothsayer or oracle. truth that is revealed whether or not the viewer can see these things or hear these things. That the work contains truths visible or not. I like to vet my audience, showing them not all at once, that there is more to this story than seen at the first glance. Sometimes this takes a while & sometimes it takes a lifetime but regardless, I’m compelled or slightly obsessed with the next chapter being revealed & my availabil

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