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J.B. Boyd
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

We as viewers are locked into the idea of the traditional rectangle as a viewing space. Be it from the photograph or the television, we expect pictorial information to be presented in this way, and it limits the idea of representation. By using ovals, elongated panels, etc. I hope to create a more naturalistic view, implying a true field of vision, and leaving the mind to create the remainder.

With the Lowcountry as a subject, my art starts with photographs, or more accurately, the journey to reach the photograph site. I use boats, ladders, trees, and whatever else I can find and/or appropriate to create unique perspectives. Perched twenty feet above the flat expanse of the marsh, or lying belly down in the mud, I photograph in series to create up to a 360ยบ view. Back in my studio, I merge these photographs to make a singular image. Using the then cropped image as a reference, I build my paintings slowly, layer by layer, to tighten the detail and create realistic spaces.

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