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Isabel Mann
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2019

The diversity of my art probably makes it hard to classify, and I admit that I like it that way. I’m in a constant process of learning. I don’t want to be comfortable in one subject; I need to explore different possibilities and take risks, and for that reason I don’t feel afraid to make mistakes. When I’m ready to draw or paint, I research new materials and enjoy exploring art stores for new ideas. I tend to lean toward pastels and graphite, or the best papers and oils I can find. My process requires that I focus in a calm and tranquil location, with my tools at my side and my mind open and ready for the possibilities of creating unthinkable extra lines, experimental and multiple layers of colors, whatever feels right in the moment. Some of my work has a lot of emotion invested in it—those are kept for the family—others remind me of unfortunate times, and I’m not afraid to destroy them. Whatever I make for someone else, that is what I leave permanently behind.

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