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In Kyoung Chun

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

By utilizing the shape and images of circles in my paintings and sculptures, I strive to express the hidden power of every living and non-living thing. I center my subject matter on the revitalizing energy force known as ki and explore this hidden but fundamental force through my art. Since I believe that ki can be found in varying degrees of strength at the core of all things: in the food one eats and in the spaces one occupies, I express the power of ki as circles that are to enliven and animate the entities within which it resides and which it comes in contact. I specially focuse on the home as a space that fosters the ki’s restoration and regeneration. For me, the home acts as a metaphor for the interconnected, transient self as it gathers ki from its surroundings and transfers its energy with constantly adapting and reviving nature.

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