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IlaSahai Prouty
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

My on-going project, Dream Repeater, is a series of actions and installations involving printmaking, sculpture, video, performance and collaboration. Each piece explores the themes embedded in an anonymously donated dream. I adopt the dreams as my own and retell them. I live with them over time. I recreate them, and I invite others to do so along with me. Dream Repeater displays the transmission of power through narrative, by morphing an intimate bit of story into a riff on the open cultural exchange. Recent themes include balance, girl power, false promise, frustration, naïveté and futility.

I aim to create powerful, uncanny, smart and entertaining work that prompts us to contemplate how we give power and create the narratives of our culture. I make cross-genre work as a way of inhabiting the world, and removing barriers between makers, audience and community. I am caught up in these stories and how repetition can generate cultural importance.

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