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Hye Yeon Nam

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

My work expresses the social issues related to my cultural identity. As a woman and a Korean immigrant artist in America I have struggled to adjust to my new culture. Every situation summons different roles, customs, and habits that pose different mental challenges. I have attempted to illustrate my resistance against the conformities of society and of American and Korean cultures by showing variable perspectives and physical dissonance. I sought to portray the difficulty of living in America in Self Portrait, and I have attempted to convey the feeling of displacement by walking backwards in Wonderland and the feeling of conformity by smiling for a long period of time in Cheeeeese. Even though art usually does not solve social issues directly, I believe it can reveal problems and persuade people to act. To me, art should not merely be aesthetics; instead, art can be a question, an argument, a proposal, a resolution or a reflection of the various problems that we encounter in our world.

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