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Holly Olinger

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

From first grade in Lawrenceville, VA to the University of Virginia among the first classes of women, I have always been aware of the often painful realities of class structure in daily life. Whether the categorizations stem from racism, sexism, or financial background, it is frustrating to know that after so many years of living in this state, the divisions persist and in some instances, have grown stronger.
In 2014 my artistic path careened leftward with a switch from sculpture to an image based form of dialogue. Utilizing vintage slides as a source, I digital modify and enhance the imagery to comment on healthcare issues, social injustice, and work place inequity. Often, implied humor is the safety valve for these expressions.
Gelatin mono prints on wood panels are mounted to a wood surround and embellished with found objects, etched or stamped copper panels and cast glass to complete the narrative.

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