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Heriberto Mora

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

I was born in Cuba in 1965. When I was 6 years old, I wrote “God help me to be a painter."
In 1987, I graduated from San Alejandro Academy of Arts, in Havana, Cuba.
My first collection was named “Via Crucis." I could not exhibit it in Cuba, because it was considered very dark, not conveying the optimism of Cuban revolutionary youth. Through those paintings, I chronicled life around me.
In 1992, I was invited to show “Via Crucis” in Spain. I emigrated to Spain, and after that, in 1993, I established myself in Florida, USA.
In 1996, during a meditation, I had an intense mystical experience. I found myself surrounded by the brightest light I had ever seen. I felt an indescribable happiness and peace inside me. It was the answer to my inner restlessness. At that moment, my life changed; as well as my painting.
Now, I am interested in exploring the tension between the spiritual and material world, between the visible and invisible reality. My work comes from my faith in God.

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