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Herb Parker
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

I have two bodies of work, which maintain separate identities, but are of equal importance in my life. I create architectural nature-based environments in the landscape. I also make objects.

My object-based work I consider to be southern gothic. It is occasionally grotesque with elements of a fatalistic romanticism and dark humor that serves as an absurdist social critique. Most recently the polarization of society, angry white men, jingoistic exuberance, a disregard for human life and the destruction of the planet have been the galvanizing principles.

Recent exhibition formats suggest a flea market or junk shop with the works arranged on tables or rows of shelves. The objects insinuate narrative based on juxtaposition.

This activity allows me to ruminate on an idea, exploring the ambiguities, which make differing perspectives possible. This work more accurately reflects the excitement and frustrations of day-to-day existence than my more ethereal interactions in the landscap

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