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Heidi Pitre

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

Some people work out their tangled relationships, hopes, doubts and fears in their dream life. I work mine out on canvas. A self-exploration of visual images collected throughout my lifetime: childhood memories, vintage advertising themes, or comments on women that I have absorbed or rejected.

A personal conflict appears into my mind; the rest unfolds over time. My pieces are excerpts, pages torn from weird short stories, partially overheard party conversations. The paintings reveal their messages to me, as part of their process, not mine.

The final image doesn’t take itself too seriously, with my intention being more curious than funny. The allure of capturing a screenshot from a dream, or telling a small piece of a story. Sometimes questions don’t have answers. Sometimes the question is the intriguing part, allowing the viewer is to make up the rest. This is what captivates me, forcing my hand to paint.

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