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Heather Moran
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2019

For years I photographed the Lowcountry shrimp fisherman. From Beaufort to Georgetown I spent countless days on shrimp trawlers getting to know and photographing the people who work on the boats, at the docks and processing plants. 

The South’s fisherman exist as icons of a bygone era. Pitted against nature, they are unyielding to the trappings of modern culture. Onshore they exhibit a restlessness that only the rock of a boat on open water can satisfy. Days of sun and salt air have leathered their skin. Hands calloused from years of handling ropes and sorting shrimp are a testament to the hard labor of a fisherman’s life.

In this series of images, I set out to see beyond the iconic landscape of boats tied up along Lowcountry creeks. Using grainy film and a Hasselblad camera, I sought out found moments in the working lives of the South Carolina shrimpers.

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