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Heather Gordon
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

I'm looking for the stories of our lives in numbers. This is a search for geometric folding patterns that map a person's history of place. Similar to a fingerprint, these works are private codes and personal identifiers.

Using geographic data from the people in my life, including birthplaces and residence locations, I am able to create mathematical geometries as functional crease patterns.

More recent work included here adopts the use of a high contrast black and white directional striping method that moves with a flickering optical effect and helps to create the spatial directionality of the planes.

By using small sets of data, and simply reindexing the numerical relationships based on location, such as "Durham in Stripes" vs "Asheville in Stripes", I'm able to create a large variety of shape, pattern, and movement. This gives me a methodical framework to relate my life to those closest to me, and define my sense of belonging as inclusive of place and locality.

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