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Heath Matysek-Snyder

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

Enjoyed by all, the James River is unbiased. Dropping 105' in seven miles, the river cascades down a series of large rapids, while flowing through Richmond, Virginia's, city limits. This is a geological feature called the Fall Line.

'Fall Line' is a 27ft. long sculpture/bench positioned prominently in the Cabell Library, at Virginia Commonwealth University. Inspired by the James River and the City of Richmond, the piece brings a key feature of the city, the river, into the library. Constructed of white oak, and divided where bridges cross the river, the bench consists of four sections, allowing students to flow through. Each pass-through offers an abstracted representation of the corresponding bridge, as well as industrial materials synonymous with Richmond, including historic brick, cobblestones and patinated-steel concrete forms used for many of Richmond's sidewalks. 'Fall Line' connects outside with inside, natural with urban, and the community of Richmond with the university.

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