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Harrison Haynes
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

I have been making art my whole life. I began as a draughtsman, then learned how to paint. I have also been a drummer my whole life. I took lessons at the age of 11. The first drum beat I learned was ‘Billie Jean’. Art was originally taught to me as a solitary activity. Audiences were not part of the equation. Music was always the opposite. Bands require collaboration and audiences are implicit, no matter how paltry. I practiced these two very different disciplines separately, well into adulthood, and devoted large portions of myself to each of them. In Los Angeles in 2009, I saw a retrospective of the artist Dan Graham's work. Seeing his work en masse sparked an acute realization that the interstice between my two passions should be the focus of my artwork. Since then I’ve used photography, performance, installation and video to translate personal and experiential aspects of the culture of rock drumming into images.

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