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Gregor Turk

Artist Statement Submitted 2019

Through sculpture, photography & mixed-media installations, I explore issues relating to mapping, cultural signage & marking place. The appeal of mapping is not the actual geographic information but what that information tells us about ourselves as individuals & as a culture. I focus on the fundamental qualities of mapping—the mysteriousness, inherent biases, cultural authoritativeness, & ability to simultaneously represent & distort reality. In addition to my studio work, I produce work in the public realm that is intended to reinforce the meaning of a place while engaging audiences. Recent work has focused on the Atlanta neighborhood of Blandtown where my studio has been located for the past 16 years. This work addresses historical & social issues surrounding the area’s recent transformation given significant shifts in demographics & land-use. I often utilize repurposed rubber as a medium bringing with its use references to transit, mobility, concealment, constriction & protection.

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