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Gregor Turk

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

One definition of an artist is someone who allows others to witness his or her obsession. In my case, that is mapping, My passion for place and all things geographic is manifested through sculpture, installations, photography, and works on paper. The appeal is not the actual geographic information but what that information tells us about ourselves as individuals and as a culture. I tend to focus on the fundamental qualities of mapping— the mysteriousness, inherent biases, cultural authoritativeness, and ability to simultaneously represent and distort reality. Markings, markers, nameplates, signifiers and signs found within a given environment along with their cultural ramifications, also serve as an impetus for my creative endeavors. I attempt to relate the complex overlay of meaning associated with place that often includes conventionalities, contradictions and absurdities. Recently I have focused on place and the seemingly contradictory notion of the mobility of place.

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