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Gordon Dean
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

The subject of "Figures From The Cathedral," done over the last several years, is the human figure in church architecture. The materials used throughout are wire and galvanized expanded steel (known as “lath” to contractors and builders). These figures are grouped as: Friezes, Large Reliefs, Frescos, Holy Cards, Mosaics, and Jamb Figures (the external statues flanking the cathedral’s portal). The galvanized steel is employed by a different technique in each group. I enjoy working with this material. By superimposing sheets, I get light interference causing moire and chiaroscuro.

These sculptures are theological in content; but no attempt is made to celebrate a specific faith; rather, I celebrate the notion, exemplified by the Italian Renaissance, that the human form in art and in religion intimate the same reality.

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