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Gina Phillips

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

The most common narrative characteristic that runs through my work is tragicomedy. The people and/or animals that tell the story often embody an air of absurdity that the viewer can't help finding funny. This tragicomic sensibility was fostered by the impoverished, rural environment in which I grew up in Kentucky. I’ve lived in New Orleans for 19 years and the imagery, stories and characters of this place have definitely dovetailed nicely with those formative inspirational conditions.

I’ve developed a unique approach in the use of a long-arm quilting machine. I use it as a “drawing with thread” machine, rather than a traditional quilting machine. I start with an under painting and flesh out the image by appliqueing onto the surface. Sometimes the narrative is conveyed within the construct of a picture plane and other times the forms are cut out; the story unfolds via the juxtaposition of cut-out forms.

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