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Gina Phillips

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

I'm mixed-media installation artist who grew up in Kentucky and have lived in New Orleans since 1995. I started my career as a painter, but textiles have become my primary medium. I begin a piece with an under-painting on muslin. The image is fully developed by appliquéing a wide variety of materials to the surface (fabric, synthetic hair, satin cording, silk flowers). I use a communal gathering process to source my fabrics, as neighbors, friends, and family donate materials. My sewn works hover between two and three dimensionality. I am perhaps most noted for my co-opted use of a longarm sewing machine. The longarm becomes a thread-drawing machine used in a non-traditional manner. Fabric forms are cut out of the picture plane and installed on the wall using pins, creating an ever-changing narrative, depending on their juxtaposition. My work is characterized by a tragicomic narrative quality. The narrative often embodies a magical realism.

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