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Gil Given

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

Gil Given, Artistic Statement
I’ve always been intrigued by color and color theory. My influences are the early color field theorist Joseph Albers and Johannes Itten and minimalist’s painters Mark Rothko
and Frank Stella. Art is not only about subject matter, it is about a visual impression, recognizing that color has movement and can affect mood.

I prefer to work with vivid colors, explore monochromatic themes, and create images using negative and positive space. There are several components in these paintings: The structural wood foundation; the solid rods which expand into space; and the canvas ribbons which overflow from the edges. These ribbons are unpredictable as they twist in response to their length, width, and layers of paint applied. The
twists add shadows on the wall and a sense of change in the color and space, which is yet another point of interest. The vibrant colors travel seamlessly through each of these components, creating a unified statement. The color pallet,

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