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Gerry Bannan

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

In the more than two decades that I have lived in Virginia, I have seen how the people of the South are especially sensitive to voices of the past which are captured within material objects which through ceremony or circumstance are singled out for preservation and reverence. Such objects may be precious or mundane, but through the process of being handled and handed down they gather a mantle of profundity that is ineffable, yet palpable.
My practice is to assemble collections of these objects into large, intricate, flowing tableaux that hint at complex relationships and hidden messages. From these mountainous compositions, I create highly detailed drawings which owe much to the descriptive line work of Dürer and the paintings of the Dutch Baroque which are redolent with memento mori. The aim is to enthrall the viewer into a reverie of their own recent and distant history.

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