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George Jenne
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2020

I have stinging admiration for the language of stories, so I create multidisciplinary installations that are narrative to their core. I apply this notion to an amalgam of sculpture, video, and printed material, pitting one form against the other. The result is a cohesive, three dimensional space that tunes to a single story, at multiple frequencies.

Collectively, these narratives map out the story that we tell ourselves, about ourselves - introspection that is generally fraught with self deception. Each project magnifies the point where a character’s contradictions meld under the strain of personal logic, by enmeshing the languages of incongruous mediums in harmonious ways. An alternate syntax bubbles to the surface, intended to lure the viewer into a unique experience; one that raises questions about the veracity of their own personal story, upending narrative conventions, and emphasizing a tale well told, in the tradition of so many before.

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