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George Jenne
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

I feel stinging admiration for the language of stories, but my affection takes the unlikely form of a moving image that supplants cinematic structure, paired with words that are used with loving irreverence toward the sentences that they inhabit. Apply this to a narrative video, and a story cannibalizes itself, then regurgitates something fresh.

I write and shoot simultaneously. Word and picture develop separately and cross pollinate, so the story evolves organically.

Collectively, these narratives map out the story that we tell ourselves, about ourselves. It taps the sordid myth of The South, embracing the gothic aspects of its culture. But this introspection is fraught with self deception, and its contradictions meld under the strain of each character's personal logic.

By enmeshing the languages of literature, movies, and myth, an alternate syntax bubbles to the surface; one that upends narrative conventions, but that emphasizes "story" in the tradition of so many before.

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