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George Jenne
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

I have stinging admiration for the language of stories. But my affection takes the unlikely form of a moving image that supplants cinematic structure, paired with words that I use with loving irreverence toward the sentences that they inhabit. Apply this to a narrative video, and a story cannibalizes itself then regurgitates something fresh.

I write and shoot simultaneously. Word and picture develop separately and cross pollinate, allowing the story to evolve untethered. I work in high definition video because its precision matches that of the written word and is turned inward just as readily. My aim is to channel the intricacies of a character's internal life, and the relentless detail of the image provides a conduit.

By enmeshing the languages of literature and movies, I hope to create an alternate syntax, one that moves beyond the screen and upends narrative conventions but still delivers a well told story in the tradition of so many before. and

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