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Geoff Winningham

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

My work is perhaps best described as social documentary photography and film making. Within that broad genre, I have worked in both color and black and white, 35mm to 8x10 formats, plus 16mm film. My earliest work was 35mm photography of popular social rituals, such as professional wrestling and high school football. The work that I am submitting for this award was done on large format (8"x10") black and white film. The subject matter is southern American vernacular architecture from all regions of the state of Arkansas. The "original" presentation of this work -- the format in which it makes its full statement is my recently book, "Of the Soil: Photographs of Vernacular Architecture and Stories of Changing Times in Arkansas," in which I present the photographs alongside stories that I have written, based on conversations with people who knew the buildings. My primary purpose in making these photographs was to make an enduring record of these rapidly disappearing structures.

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