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Frederick Hayes

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

My practice is concerned with investigating monolithic and iconic forms found within contemporary urban culture with a focus on the everyday expressions of working class people, African Americans and the economically challenged. I work with portraiture and the cityscapes creating works that confronts and focuses it's attention onto the viewer as a way of de-objectifying it's objectless while shifting the focus back. This frontal approach moves the work toward the viewer forcing him or her to question their comfort level within society. Comfort breeds complacency, discomfort incites action action moves the soul.

My work is informed by popular culture from the photograph to tv to the web, to early childhood experiences as well as what I may observe during the course of the day while with friends, strangers and along. There is always an element of race and class, high and low culture, but the notion of the human condition is what gives strength to it's existence.

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