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Francis Sills
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

As an artist whose work is grounded in the perceptual-based, realist tradition, I paint and draw the things in my life. Often times it is a space or a location that I am familiar with, either the rooms in my house or the things that I see everyday. The viewer is confronted with a sense of continual approach to these spaces, one that is condensed and plotted, through the scaffolding of vision. My experience becomes one of striving to see it for the first time, even though it is usually the thousandth. Their is an emptiness and stillness here that evokes the human presence; like a person who has just walked out of the room. In dealing with the intricacies and challenges of working from observation, I am able, through the sustained experience of intense, visual scrutiny, to understand and know the world around me. The results are paintings which are dense and subtle, revealing the specific nuances of color, light, and form.

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