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francie bishop good

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

My mother and I graduated from the same high school in Allentown, Pennsylvania, she, twenty years before me. I am obsessed with high school yearbooks, especially hers and mine. The similarities are fascinating and the differences telling, reflecting a lot about the community and culture at those times in our hometown. Allentown has gone through transformations and in some ways is a microcosm for much of the United States. My mother wrote comments on many of the photographs, for example.... “Killed in a mission fighting over Germany” or “ Died in 1980” giving the photographs a heightened sense and an endless source for my imagination.
The hair, the fashion, and the poses reflecting the self- centered innocence from my class of 1967 is also a limitless source of material for this series. Combined with past paintings and photographs, I transform the high school photographs into a new strange reality.

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