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Fletcher Williams
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

For his latest project, Beyond The Rainbow, Williams constructs a pseudo neighborhood using a collection of materials found throughout the Chicora Cherokee area of North Charleston—scrap wood from new builds, fencing, furniture, and metal. It is a neighborhood both spirited and lifeless. Roofing shingles become moss. Abstract drawings become three-dimensional facades for small-scale homes. A life-size sculpture titled, “Left Out To Dry”, asserts abandonment and marginalization. Most works have been left colorless, void of the vibrant spectrum inherit of the Charleston architectural landscape and its historical landmarks like Rainbow Row. For Williams, color only enters the conversation through the appropriation of audacious, automotive paint jobs on box Chevys and Crown Victorias. Beyond The Rainbow is a combination of environment, sentiment, popular culture and historical motifs, because an understanding of all is necessary in the complexity of Charleston’s shifting social landscape.

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