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Farley Aguilar

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

My work deals with the underbelly of American history. I take everyday snap shots from the past and explore the hidden transcendental qualities within the mundane photograph. The history of the south is very important to my work because its one of the most important factors in the collective consciousness of our American psyche. Historical occurrences like lynchings, protests, and marches are part of our past and by depicting them it helps the discussion toward further understanding, acceptance and celebration flourish. The vivid colors and claustrophobic atmospheres in my paintings give a sense of the brutality of human behavior and the psychological tensions that have always been present in our culture. Through my expressive existential style I depict my own feelings of how history filters through time and influences the fear and injustice- based institutions and traditions that we see and must deal with in our everyday lives.

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