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Fabrizio Bianchi
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

Fabrizio Bianchi's paintings are a palimpsest journal celebrating North and Latin American urban landscapes thru faded images of implied street art, advertisements, local graffiti and childhood icons. The broken and semi-transparent representations utilized in each composition represent mental Polaroids of faded displays and posters stylized with bright flashes of color through logos, lettering and comic book characters. Bands of color, faux finishes, paint drips, Pop art styles, and calligraphic brushwork used as his personal 'tagging' add layers to the implied crumbling walls of mortar and concrete. These textural time capsules reveal a morphing cultural, sociopolitical skin exposed to years of urban decay and the natural elements. Like a freeze frame of a passing fashion trend, these painted worlds of social deconstruction have confined the once glorified, global icons of the Marlboro Man into a hollow cigarette box where the free roaming cowboy can no longer roam.

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