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Erika Diamond
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

My work addresses the vital and fleeting qualities of human contact. It investigates the possibility of immortality, the commemoration of touch, and the thresholds between us.
I weave images of hypothetical people thrust into dire circumstances together. My hand-woven alpaca tapestries depict emergency instruction scenarios from first aid manuals, airline safety cards, and bathroom signs. I use these symbols to question notions about physical interaction, danger, and control. These images portray instructions on how to save each other’s lives, how to act rationally in the face of our mortality, and how to behave with our bodies. The Caution: HB2 Series responds to the House Bill 2 legislation passed recently in NC that nullified existing anti-discrimination ordinances, targeting the queer community and transgender people in particular. Throughout these tapestries, I modify the male/female bathroom sign to depict a more inclusive spectrum of gender and sexual identity.

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