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Eric Juth
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

Employing formal strategies that draw from modernist painting and collage, my creative practice focuses on distantiating and reorienting the viewer’s ordinary experience with consumer information & communication technologies and other commonly encountered fragments from our shared digital media ecology. By re-presenting things such as smartphone touchscreens, Google “reCAPTCHA” images, or screen recordings of web browsing sessions through aesthetic means that evoke abstract and process-driven painting, my work disrupts and reroutes the familiar - and often instrumentalized - relationship between the user and the intended utility or function of the corresponding technology/media. I attempt to create situations where the sway that a given technology, medium, or institution has over our senses, perceptions, and consciousness may be reflected upon or experienced by the viewer, as if for the first time. Formal abstraction serves as a decoy to draw the viewer’s attention to the increasing ab

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