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Emily LaCour

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

Witness the landscape and then have it witness you back. This action is the beginning of my re-entry into the Louisiana landscape’s dense accumulation of both form and history within the sugar cane fields. Moving through the site with this exchange in mind, I am confronted by the landscapes autonomy, capacity for memory, and my position as inheritor within it. The site is a compression of layers, which are reconciled and upended simultaneously. The work stems from my experience in relation to the site and the question I pursue are contingent upon the way these fields are represented visually as mediated by myth, memory, history, and presence. The paintings and photo-transfers function as the ephemeral in-between body-the visual transference between the landscape and mine. The abstractions are a way to reconcile specific experience and to reveal an exchange with the site and its inevitable history.

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