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Emily LaCour

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

I look for images that cross categories, such as interiors or bed spaces that read as dense and vacant landscapes. I seek action in paint as tension filled expressions of place. I look for surfaces that hold the traces of absence; a tangible kind of presence that engages memory, participation, and favors remembering over forgetting. I currently move through the landscape and appropriated antebellum period museums in South Louisiana and find that the narrative of place is most evident in interiors, bed spaces, and the surfaces of sugar cane fields where I as a voyeur, witness the landscape and am witnessed back. I record the spaces and work from memory and video stills. I work with what is visually and perceptually present but rather than a direct portrait of the landscape, I look for nuances that withhold and reveal the complexities of witnessing and occupying intimate spaces—staged or otherwise.

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