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Ellen Heck
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

My work is a study of identity – its creation, variability, persistence, and change. The Color Wheels project addresses this theme through the printmaking process with multiple-panel compositions in which every panel begins as an intaglio printed from the same copper plate. Both a visual journal and systems-based color study, the wheels are a foundation for creating large, sometimes serial, seemingly-abstract works. From a single point of origin, the pieces diverge. I begin by considering each panel individually, often focusing on a particular theme. Once each wheel has developed an identity, I work to turn several into a larger composition. It’s a study of the collective noun: what is required to bring unique entities into a cohesive and harmonious whole? What parts of the original works will I have to sacrifice to the greater composition and what will the greater composition bring out in its individual parts?

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