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Elizabeth Schafer

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

I’ve loved art as long as I can remember. I recall my first memory was how delicious finger paint oozing up through my fingers felt and enthralled with the rhythms and marks left on the paper. I also enjoy and excel in the sciences. The balance between both has been a recurrent theme throughout my life. My approach is scientific beginning with a hypothesis – a proving ground of a theory or problem painted as a series exploring various rhythmic aspects.

It’s the challenge of how you painting what you feel and hear that I have explored for 25 years. Initially my inspiration focused on instruments, and later moved into sound; and recently, rhythms of dance and life.

My works focus on mark making and rhythmic lines drawing the viewer in and moving their eyes in a dance throughout the work; colors and textures interweave and reinforce the energy and composition. I paint sound and movement through shape, line, and color as bold and dramatic abstract expressionistic works.

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