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Elizabeth Edwards

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

I am painting flowers. I am well aware of the baggage this subject is burdened by. I am painting them for the information they provide. There is a complexity and denseness that allow me to be in both a meditative and free state when painting. There is no way to paint a flower incorrectly - I am interested in the license for interpretation they provide. In this way, they are fairly abstract; the flowers I paint have innumerable shapes, lines and patterns. They are visually absorbing - even perhaps mesmerizing.

As classic “vanitas” subjects, flowers literally represent the life and death continuum and life’s ephemerality. In the apogee of their existence, flowers are quintessentially beautiful but not long for this world. In the recent pieces, darkness informs these celebratory images. A pall has been cast over this microcosm - dramatic forces are intimated in this tiny world.

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