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Eleanor Aldrich

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

My work is about the places where the concerns of modernist painting meet my own experiences and the physical reality of the body. Often the subject matter is a visual bridge between painting tropes and the objects of everyday life.
For example, the lines of a lawn chair seat serve as a veiled reference to the grid, and its breakdown – presumably by human weight– to an imagined encounter with the human body.

My work is textural and alchemical; I match materials – often industrial sealants – and techniques to the subject matter they look like, thereby approaching verisimilitude without realistic rendering. Though the subject matter is chosen
partially for its abstract properties, the decaying and abandoned recreation equipment touches on themes of changing labor practices and economic disillusionment. I find the frankness of the materials pushes against the deception of illusion and allows for a recognition that is deeper than language.

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