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Edward Rice
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

My dedication to representational painting includes an interest in the depiction of the female figure. (This was the primary subject of my mentor, Chicago sculptor Freeman Schoolcraft b. 1905.) Objectified by the fashion industry, neutered by religion, perverted by pornography, and fetishized by video games, the representation of the female figure is a volatile and divisive subject. My goal is to produce a compelling image of the female figure that has import for the present with roots in the past. I chose an ancient terra cotta figurine (The Snake Goddess, 1600 BCE) as my point of departure. While of course pre-Christian, the pose calls to mind the Crucifixion (The Triumphant Christ). Additional references are diverse-from Byzantine icons to 19th century folk art to contemporary art. The works submitted here are from an on-going body of work. While each work is "oil on canvas", each painting is an experiment using vastly different materials and methods too involved to be noted here.

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