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Edward Rice
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

A small ceramic piggy bank served as a point of departure for my new work. I dug this object up in my back yard when I was a teenager and it has sat on my bookcase for over forty years. It's a weird looking thing. I am sure it is supposed to be cute, but there is definitely something sinister about it. Not sure about the gender, even with the dress. What about this thing
called race?
Definitely enough conflicting material to use in a few paintings.
This was my plan:
The "model" is five inches tall. Depict it five feet tall.
Make the lips very red and very voluptuous. (This is where the money goes.)
Make the costume ancestral and puritanical. (I know where I live.)
Make the skin greenish like a medieval icon. (What do we worship? Money.)
Use transparent colors on top of a monochromatic under painting to give the work the splendor and the presence and the power of art of the past.

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