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Ebony G. Patterson

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

“If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there, does it make a sound?” This statement – evoking ideas of ‘visibility’ and ‘invisibility’ as well as the act of bearing witness – has been a lingering undercurrent throughout my practice. Popular contemporary cultural archetypes, locales, and conduits, such as social media, have created new spaces for the disenfranchised to be visible. In conjunction with this new visibility, I have also considered ‘bling’ and its relationship to light, as a device of illumination. I am interested in the way dress creates a moment of importance for someone who may be deemed otherwise unimportant, due to their social, economic, or political status, or location. The work examines social hierarchy within postcolonial spaces and its relationship to dress, disenfranchisement, body politics, invisibility and visibility while asking the audience to bear witness.

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