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Dorothy Stucki

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

This recent work mines the wellspring of human essence, lifting the veils between art, science, and the supposed truths handed down by history's victors. Occult and religious symbols often occur in my drawings, illuminating the power of imagery, and the mystery held within. Every image is the mirror of our surroundings.
Friedrich Nietzsche wrote that, “Man is a rope stretched between the animal and the Superman - a rope over an abyss.” My aim is to unravel that rope and examine its fiber, while reflecting my influences from Egyptian art, Flemish painting, Sixties psychedelia, and nineteenth-century naturalist illustrations.
My background in collaborative art with the group Plastic Aztecs has allowed me to experiment with various media such as sculpture and installation. Outside of the group, my focus has been set on exploring these themes further through works on paper, including drawing, painting and printmaking.

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