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Donloyn LeDuff Gadson
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

Although we are created in the divine image of the Father for unique purposes, we are also created with free will. The same is true for my art. My pencil drawings are created in my image for a specific purpose, but they are also free to communicate whatever message the viewer receives. My work reflects intense themes of identity, voice and inner truths by carefully crafting a story with both realistic and symbolic elements. It tells detailed stories from the perspective of a passionate and uniquely gifted multiracial woman in a world that continuously tries to extinguish her fire and place her in a box in which she will not fit. Still healing from wounds sustained from childhood sexual abuse and life in a dysfunctional household, she is strength, beauty and courage personified. Filled with intensity, her life has been anything but smooth and easy. Because of that, pencil and charcoal on textured watercolor paper with jagged edges is the perfect medium in which to tell her stories.

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