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Donald Kolberg

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

Strappo, a monotype, starts as a reverse painting on glass, blurring foreground and background and ends as a dry acrylic transfer. I use this to create abstract landscapes, letting the horizontal pull of the picture plane create an instant connection with the viewer’s preconceived sensibilities. Once free to explore color and texture without creating a narrative explanation purples and greens soak into layers of reds and yellows. Brushstrokes blend with smudging finger marks and palette knives scratch into the oblique back coating establishing new marks on the visible picture plane. Yet all this becomes secondary to the surprises and revelations of mixing foregrounds and backgrounds as paint is pressed against glass. The final surface will mirror the smooth, hard look of glass but will capture the essence of depth and movement in a completely unique way. Strappo is truly a painterly print that expresses the unique elements of traditional painting.

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