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Don Edler

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

As an artist, It is my duty to observe, participate, and react to culture. The expansion and democratization of culture via the internet has created a fluid and dynamic cultural landscape, as the weight of cultural discourse and critique falls onto the shoulders of artists, it is imperative to address our own experiences piecemeal. I cannot reconcile the entirety of our cultural expressions, they are too vast, varied, and impermanent; I can only address the world through my own lens, my own time, my own experience.
I absorb the world around me, incorporate it into my awareness, and reconstitute it into my objects and images. My practice is existential in nature, it deals with distant memories, contemporary histories, fictional(?) realities, time travel mythologies, and the value of work. I try to understand the world I live in, how the images, narratives and objects of our time(s) reflect our thoughts, desires and dreams.

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